Windows Vista - Longhorn Beta 2 out soon

, posted: 22-May-2006 09:36

Windows Vista - Longhorn Beta 2 out soonHands up all of you who had forgotten about Windows Vista and Longhorn Beta 2. I had, thanks to delay after delay. In fact, I'm still dubious that there will be a Beta 2 delivered any time soon, but the Microsofties are girdling their loins over it and their PR trolls are stirring so I think this time it's for real. And, it is real soon now as well.

A strong indicator that Vista Beta 2 is imminent landed in my inbox overnight. Microsoft is asking beta testers if they really have to have physical media for Vista or not. In order to receive physical media, you have to complete a survey. I opted out of receiving physical media and had my name put into a draw to attend the Vista launch. Well, it didn't say that I couldn't, despite being a dirty non-US furriner so...

As I opted out of receiving physical media, I don't know what Microsoft asks in that survey. Has anyone completed it?

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