More on TelstraClear's 100Mbit/s cable upgrade

, posted: 20-May-2006 15:33

Small update on the entry about the 100Mbit/s upgrade for TelstraClear cable customers rumour: an industry source in Wellington says such an upgrade has indeed taken place, but not for TelstraClear and not in New Zealand.

Instead, the source believes the rumour refers to network products company Teleste of Finland, and its Virtual Fibre or Ethernet to the Home EttH solution that was announced in July last year and which promises 100mbit/s. Teleste has signed a letter of intent with Essent Kabelcom in the Netherlands to deploy the EttH solution:

This groundbreaking technology allows cable subscribers to use their existing cable connection, without the use of any active modem device in the home, to access Internet data with a symmetrical speed of 100 Mb/s

Deployment starts in June this year apparently, using PowerLine Communications (PLC) gear from Corinex like the AV200 CableLan Router which
Corinex AV200 CableLan Routerhas 200Mbit/s capability. With PLC, there's no need for customers to wire up their houses with local area network cabling and jacks; instead, the data is transmitted across the mains wiring.

If it works, it's pretty cool stuff. What about TelstraClear then? Well, their PR people say that no upgrade is planned which is a shame. I don't think TelstraClear realises what a PR coup that would've been.

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