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, posted: 20-May-2006 10:43

Save NazaninThis entry is a break from all the geeky stuff and levity, and it's one that I really didn't wish I had to write. Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi is an 18 year old Iranian girl who has been sentenced to hanging. Her "crime" was that she defended herself and her niece when three men tried to rape her, and stabbed one of them to death. She was 17 at the time, or a minor.

Nazanin was sentenced to death on January 3 this year. Her case is currently at the Iranian Supreme Court and if the sentence is upheld, she will be executed shortly after. Hangings in Iran are carried out in a particularly barbaric fashion, often in public, with the person to be killed hoisted up by a crane winch until asphyxiation sets in.

Cases like Nazanin's are not unique either. Iran executes scores of people every year on flimsy pretexts. Western governments know about this, but keep quiet. I can't help comparing the New Zealand government's quick response and condemnation of papers here printing the Mohammed cartoons with its silence on Iran hanging and stoning children to death. No amount of trade can justify such hypocrisy.

The Save Nazanin site has more information and also suggestions on what to do to help. We should also ask our politicians what if anything they are doing to prevent Nazanin from being killed.

Update: Winston Peters, Minister of Foreign Affairs, is the government person to contact about Nazanin. Although you can send him email, I am told that a written letter is best.

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