Tony Chor and Internet Explorer 7 beta talk on Monday

, posted: 19-May-2006 10:18

Tony Chor and Internet 7 beta talk on Monday

I've been using the Internet Explorer 7 betas for a while now and have been, well, somewhat underwhelmed by them actually. I like the tabbed browsing but that's been in Firefox and Opera for ages now. IE7 gets full marks for quick rendering of pages however, and it doesn't chew up anywhere near as much memory as Firefox does for instance.

As it happens, Microsoft's group programme manager for Internet Explorer, Tony Chor, will run through the latest beta for me on Monday. That's a picture of him to the right.

Tony Chor Tony is in the country for Webstock in Wellington which I too would've like to have attended, but can't unfortunately.

If you have any questions for Tony on IE7, post them there before Monday morning and I'll try to get some answers for you.

The questions I have currently include:

* What's taking so long? IE7 has been in the pipeline for ages, and while I realise it has its roots deep into the Windows operating system and has to be coordinated across XP and Vista, surely it should be ready by now?

* Even if I like the rendering engine in IE7, is there any particular reason why I should use the browser instead of say Maxthon which offers many more features?

* How will Microsoft encourage an "extensions ecosystem" similar to the one Firefox enjoys? Yes, I know about the Internet Explorer plugins, but they don't seem to be half as popular as extensions for Firefox.

I also hear from Keith Ng that Webstock will be the scene of a IE vs FF standards stoush - hope Tony brings warm woollies for windy ole Wellington that are flame proof as well. That should be an interesting debate actually: who is standards compliant versus who is just being impractically pedantic? Who is trying to embrace and extend the web, steering it towards proprietary, licensed standards? :)

Geekzone works reasonably well in IE7 I find, although the blogs go all askew if you don't resize the browser window to fit both the content block and side bar. If it's too narrow, the sidebar drops underneath the content block, something that doesn't happen in Firefox.

One site that really doesn't work in IE7 is AOL. It's broken so badly it makes me think it's intentional.

Anyway, fire away with questions if you have any.

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