Goodwill credits for Xtra customers!

, posted: 18-May-2006 17:51

Telecom Xtra

After four days of technical issues that led to sporadic Internet access for customer of Xtra, New Zealand's largest ISP, things now appear to be back at normal.

Although Xtra said at first it wouldn't refund customers for the outages, as theirs is a "best effort" service, there has now been a change of heart. Telecom customer care manger Kelly Moore says:

While many Xtra customers have not been seriously affected, we know that some customers have experienced issues over several days.

We are going to do the fair thing by these customers and give them a goodwill credit equivalent to four days’ Internet use. The amount will vary according to customers’ plan but it will be an average of about $3.25.

If you're an Xtra customer, you won't need to do anything to get your goodwill credit. Xtra will notify you next week how the credit will be handled.

Best effort service indeed...

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