Telecom's investment figures left in original Beehive document

, posted: 8-May-2006 15:36

There are indeed differences between the document published earlier on the Beehive's webserver, and the one that's presently downloadable. The eagle-eyed Matt Brown drew my attention to a footnote on page 17, which has been masked out in part on the new document. In the first version of the document, it reads:

30 Telecom has publicly announced that it is spending $1.4 billion over the period 2004-2012 in core network components, backhaul and interfaces to provide broadband infrastructure for business and residential users with a downlink speed capability of at least [1Mbps to 80% of users and 5 Mbps to 52% of users]. Telecom has further indicated that it will invest [$470 million over 6 or more years] to replace the existing telephone service network with NGN components, commencing in 2006. Telecom has in fact spent some ~[10%] of its forecast budget to date to roll out its NGN infrastructure.

The information in the square brackets is removed from the newer document. It's not clear if the ten per cent spend refers to the $1.4 billion figure or the $470 million one, or an aggregate of both. I would assume the smaller figure, as the $1.4 billion refers to the overall broadband network build. That's around $47 million invested to date. Not a trifling amount, but not the $20 million a day Gattung was talking about earlier on TV.

However, Telecom's minimum target speeds for the broadband infrastructure seem low and the NGN rollout is commencing this year only. Will Telecom be able to have the NGN ready to roll in 2007 then, or is that date a moving target? In fact, it looks like we'd have to wait until 2012 before everything is ready, a date that could hardly have impressed a government that aimed for New Zealadn to be in the top of the OECD by 2010.

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