Curious thing about the leaked cabinet documents

, posted: 7-May-2006 16:32

Last week, I noticed that the URL for the document with Cunliffe's telecommunications regulatory blueprint was:

" of Cabinet Paper and Minute.pdf"

(The %20 encoding of spaces removed for legibility.)

which I thought was a bit strange but assumed that it was just someone doing a Windows drag and drop of the file into directory above, and thus created the "Copy of ..." prefix to the file name.

With all the noise around the leak lately, I'm not so sure anymore. Was the copy of the document accidentally or intentionally published on the webserver?

The URL above doesn't work anymore - the "Copy of" in the file name has been removed. If you download the PDF file, be warned that it's over 3MB worth of scanned documents. Click on the "More Information" link below for the PDF file.

David Farrar says on Kiwiblog that it was a deliberate leak however, and not an accidental one. Until we see what the documents that Telecom has, it's impossible to say for sure. If they were printouts of the scans in the PDF, it begs the question if this really wasn't an unintentional leak.

More information

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