Cabinet document leak to Telecom 'economic and political sabotage': opposition

, posted: 5-May-2006 08:09

The leak of cabinet documents on the new telecommunications regulation is turning into a major scandal. Wellington daily The Dominion Posts quotes the National Party's Bill English as saying "Telecom will have a lot of explaining to do now, both to the stock market regulators and to the government investigation."

English grilled the government yesterday during Parliament's Question Time about the leak, and demanded that Communications Minister David Cunliffe, who was responsible for the paper, should resign over the breach of secrecy.

Telecom's spokesman John Goulter meanwhiles says the document has been destroyed, as it was the proper thing to do according to him. This will of course make it far harder for the State Services Commission to find the source of the leak, which English says is either a senior politician or an official. English speculates that the document was leaked to sabotage the Budget and says this raises questions about the government cohesion.

In Auckland, the NZ Herald says the leak is the most serious in New Zealand's modern history.

Although the New Zealand stock exchange NZX yesterday cleared Telecom on allegations that the telco had been in breach of its continous disclosure obligation as a listed company, the reports today suggest that a further investigation by the share market regulators will take place.

UPDATE: contrary to what Goulter said before, Telecom apparently has a copy still of the leaked document, according to a media release from the telco. Apparently, Telecom destroyed copies made of the orginal document, but still has the original and says it will be returned to the government once the State Services Commission has give the telco directives.

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