Windows Live Shopping - but only with Internet Explorer

, posted: 30-Apr-2006 11:12

The excellent TechCrunch site reports that Microsoft has launched its Windows Live Shopping site (hmm... shouldn't that be Live Windows Shopping instead?). But, Firefox users are once again shut out, ditto Opera 8.5x and Apple Safari customers.

I had a quick look with Firefox, Safari and Opera (as well as Lynx, because I am like that) and sure enough, none of these work with WLS. What if I change the User-Agent then? Nope; the Go Away FF Users message still pops up:


That's kind of annoying actually. How does MS work out what browser people are using if they ignore User-Agent settings? Wonder how well transparent proxying will work with this "feature"?

I'm not totally sold on the site itself... I mean, I can live (npi) with all the smiling stockshot model zombies gracing the WSL pages needlessly, but check this out:


If you think you'll get a Motorola RAZR V3c mobile phone and Diadora MTBs for one US cent, well... you're probably a prime 419er target.

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