BBC 2.0 going down the YouTubes

, posted: 26-Apr-2006 10:17

I guess it was inevitable given the enormous success "community content" has had lately, but it still seems wrong for Auntie Beeb to head in that direction as well. Wrong in the sense that the tax-payer funded broadcaster does "traditional" stuff probably better than anyone else, and has a large, faithful audience as a result - including me.

While I'm certain that BBC will do a good job of its 2.0 site, does the world or the Internet rather really need another Flikr-Blogger-Wiki-GoogleVideo whatsit site? I've been hanging out in Newsvines for a while now, and struggle to see the value of it. The Associated Press news items (the wire) are good, but the rest (the vines) I'd rather read in the blogosphere. Important AP news stories drown out in the static generated by bloggy stuff. This kind of mashup decreases the authoritativeness of a respected news source and I wouldn't be surprised if the same happens to BBC 2.0 as well.

BBC is of course much more than news, but even its entertainment content has that quality feel other media outlets can only dream of. Will it be possible to preserve that with YouTubey video funnies?

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