UK broadband: miles ahead

, posted: 23-Apr-2006 16:41

As I wrote in this blog entry, Telecom New Zealand is trying to soften up public opinion so that people will think everyone's getting 24Mbit/s broadband this year (they're not) and the heat will come off the government to introduce further regulation.

Telecom New Zealand's Bruce Parkes said in the SST that:

"In terms of speed there's been a lot of ill-informed comment. We're in the process of rolling out the second generation of (digital subscriber line) technology. That has yet to be deployed by Telstra. In the UK, BT is only just starting. So in terms of incumbents our deployment of next generation broadband is more than respectable."

Which sbiddle countered with:

He didn't mention that because the UK has LLU there are already operators offering ADSL2+ and currently over 15000 lines per week being switched from BT to operators offering a LLU service.

What Parkes is saying is, "overseas incumbents have been slow to introduce ADSL2+, so it's OK for us to drag our heels as well". What he isn't saying is that ADSL2+ has been available in the UK since mid-last year.

A quick Google shows these providers have ADSL2+:
The above providers offer their ADSL2+ service through BT's unbundled exchanges. Compared to Telecom New Zealand, BT is far from being a broadband slacker either: whereas the former incumbent has only just started to offer 3.5Mbit/s download plans, the latter telco provides 8Mbit/s plans now.

I'm sure the unbundling process in the UK wasn't painless and smooth but looking at the above, it was definitely worth doing.

So, I'm sorry Bruce but I'm calling bullshit on what you said.

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