Windows apps natively on Mac OS X next, says Cringely

, posted: 22-Apr-2006 11:17

Robert X Cringely's Pulpit column on Apple going the whole hog with Windows is too good not to link to.

That the Mach micro-kernel will be replaced with a larger but faster monolithic one in OS X 10.5 seems likely but for Apple to become a "Windows OEM"... all I can say is, Cringely is a braver man than I. Wouldn't be surprised if the Mac Marines lay siege to his house next.

Strange that Apple would be thinking about Vista though, now that even the Microsoft fanbois are getting fed up with the lack of progress by Redmond.

How would Apple implement the Windows API directly in OS X 10.5 though? What about all those undocument bits of the API that we keep hearing about - would Apple really have a handle on those? I just can't see that happening any time soon.

Still, great speculation by Cringely.

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