Why I would dump Windows for Mac OS X

, posted: 20-Apr-2006 20:18

Some people accuse Paul Thurrot of being a Windows groupie, but they and Microsoft will choke on his story about the shortcomings of Windows Vista.

You couldn't voice disappointment with Microsoft any better or louder than that. A sclerotic Microsoft led by billg who no longer is able to see where computing is headed; is that what IT vendors around the world are pinning their futures on? If so, that's like trusting the captain of Exxon Valdez for navigation.

The Vista fiasco is a golden opportunity for Apple to get back on top in the operating system stakes but the Cupertino crowd seems reluctant to step in and fill the void. This despite Mac OS X now running on Intel (and presumably AMD) x86 hardware. Well, Apple retailed x86 hardware.

I wish The iJobs would carpe diem and sell Mac OS X for the likes of me, instead of the Apple faithful. As it is, Mac OS X does the job better for me than Windows, bar 3D game support. Yet I can't run it.

C'mon Steve: here's your chance. Take it. My credit card is ready.

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