What am I doing?

, posted: 20-Aug-2007 20:32

I've had a few questions from people about what's happened and why there hasn't been any posts on Geekzone or the Techsploder blog here for a while.

Nothing dramatic has happened (sorry!) but I've taken a job. Yes. A job. Fairfax assimilated me a while ago, to work on Stuff and assorted techie and journo tasks. It's been quite a change for me, but I am enjoying the job and also the people I work with.

For now, the GZ blog will be on hold, and I'll post on Stuff instead. Might even get a different picture for my Stuff blog, as I'm getting sick of the helmet one. No, I'm not commanding a tank...

Anyway, head over here if you want to carry on reading my blog. I might be able to continue posting here though, time permitting. We'll see.

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