100Mbit/s for TelstraClear cable customers?

, posted: 15-Apr-2006 16:15

Rumours are flying that TelstraClear is planning on upgrading its cable broadband network in Wellington and Christchurch to 100Mbit/s, up from the current maximum of 10Mbit/s.

It is apparently not only technically feasible but "very easy" to implement the speed increase, sources say. No further details such as possible pricing and data caps are available at the moment.

Should TelstraClear go ahead with the plan, its cable network would be the fastest residential broadband service in the region, surpassing everything else on the market by a large margin. TelstraClear would also be able to stave off Telecom New Zealand's forthcoming ADSL2+ technology which promises speeds of 15 to 24Mbit/s as well as any wireless services currently available.

The upgrade would also be a major public relations coup for the Australian owned telco, which has been a vocal critic of US-owned Telecom New Zealand's local-loop monopoly. Upping the speed would also take some heat off the New Zealand government, which has been roundly criticised for a decade of inaction on broadband and telecommunications regulation that has allowed the country to slide to the bottom of the OECD connectivity rankings.

An upgraded cable network would be highly embarrassing for Auckland, where the city's mayors put an end to TelstraClear's plans to build a cable network like in Wellington and Christchurch after a campaign against the deployment in The New Zealand Herald daily. With the exception of a handful of wireless providers, the country's largest city has no Internet connectivity alternatives today, unlike the capital. Businesses and residential customers remain dependent on Telecom New Zealand for voice and data service.

I'm currently trying to verify with TelstraClear if there's any truth in the rumour - expect they'll get back to me after the Easter holidays.

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