Sweden beats Italy in Euro Football Championships... for authors

, posted: 24-Jul-2007 07:40

Wonderful Europeans... what other part of the world would think of this? The article from Sydsvenska Dagbladet says Sweden beat Italy 4-2 in the finals, with Finnish scribe Juha Kanerva earning the best player of the tournament award.
Check out the pipe...

Germany's writers bagged the third place, followed by Hungary, Britain with Denmark coming last. Reading the "Författarlandslaget" website, it looks like the whole thing's been going on since 2005 some time, with even a world championship tournament being held.

That's a great idea... should try to organise something similar for journos actually, even though I suck at football, which incidentally was the name of my first and only Thespian writing effort at university. I Suck at Football, that is. The other people I wrote it with canned everything I'd done but the title, which was just really horrible and philistine of them, so I swore I'd never write anything like that again, and have been true to my word to this day.

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