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, posted: 11-Apr-2006 14:05

In Taipei at the moment, jetlagged like hell but still trying to take in all the new stuff at Intel's regular IDF geek-fest. Will post some more soon, but in brief, Intel's completed its architectural turnaround and is now finally out of the Netburst/Pentium 4 dead-end. It's taken a very long time, but the new chips are sampling and reference designs are ready for testing.

Lots of news for mobile developers too, with faster yet more energy efficient chips.

The home entertainment platform has matured into quieter, cooler designs - finally, because the first generation of MCEs was just too PC like in that respect, with their heavy cooling and power requirements.

Being in Taiwan is also a reminder of how far behind NZ is in so many ways. The municipal authorities here have set up free internet access under the e-citizen scheme. You just register and that's it; free internet access. Back in Auckland, I was dismayed to see that the airport still doesn't have Wifi... idiotic really. Thank goodness for my T3G card.

Taipei is also home of some of the wackiest Engrish signage outside Japan. Like this one:

Foot and beverage disease

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