Apple does it again - iTunes plugin crashes Outlook 2007

, posted: 5-Jul-2007 17:00

So, Apple's Software Update tells me there's a new version of iTunes with QuickTime available - 7.3 and 7.1.6 respectively. With some trepidation due to bad past experience, I let Software Update do its thing and restart the Windows XP SP2 system; yes, installing two media players from Apple requires a reboot. I expect there's a new driver of some kind installed, maybe for the DRM?

When the system comes up, I get this error message however:

Microsoft Office Outlook error message
Curious - at this stage, I haven't even fired up Outlook. I click on Send Error Report, being a good g33kboy and happy to send MS all my vital dat4Z, and then get this error message:
Longest Outlook Error dialog in the world!
Yowch! The dialog is actually 1,173 pixels wide. Enough already, Microsoft... doesn't need to be that wide.

What's the "'outlook sync addin' addin" then? Bit of Googling reveals that it's for the iPhone, very probably to pick up Outlook contacts and import them.

Now... did Apple tell me this crash-in was being installed? No. No, it didn't. There was no warning at all, and I'm glad it's possible to disable it but this is really crap software design AGAIN Apple.

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