PR Troll dialogues part III: When all else fails...

, posted: 27-Jun-2007 17:16

Senior PR Troll caught up with me a while ago, telling me things are looking desperate. Big Client wasn't happy, and the account was up for pitch.

"I don't know what we did wrong... I mean, we dumped on print and favoured TV, right?" Senior PR Troll said. "Normally, that would've made print really keen like, but instead we got no press at all. Well, some bad press, but they refused to go home with the key marketing message if you know what I mean."

"Big Client was getting really hacked off about this, and the journos whinged to that external comms bitch who should've been fired years ago for meddling anyway. "

"It was looking really bad because if we lost that bit of business, well, that was like 90 per cent of our billings."

"So we had a brainwave, which we usually do under duress - we work great when in stressful situations, you see? We decided to show the Big Client how much we loved them. I mean, really, sincere and true."

"We headed off to Big Client's offices, and stood on the pavement outside and waved signs and shouted "WE LOVE YOU BIG CLIENT!!!" and things for about half an hour. Sang and danced and yeah, it was so exciting for all of us."
(Photochopping: Su Yin Khoo)
"It didn't work quite as we hoped, because Big Client CEO wasn't in the building at the time, so he didn't see us, only that comms bitch, you know, the one who should've been fired."

"We were pretty sure afterwards the business was safe, but... week after, CEO says it went to The Other Agency. Something about us being embarrassing and 'he was glad he didn't see us'"

"That's what you get for trying to be creative. Sad eh?"

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