Fake Steve Jobs is a Microsoft blogger operative

, posted: 23-Jun-2007 14:59

GatesjobstardNick Denton at Valleywag has a short yarn about bloggers parroting Microsoft's "people ready" slogan, in a campaign by John Battelle's Federated Media. I agree with Denton that it's sad to see allegedly respected blog-voices bend over and take the marketing dollar so readily. You did get paid, didn't you guys?

That said, it's brave by the likes of Michael Arrington, Om Malik, and Paul Kedrosky to become Microsoft spokespeople, especially after the Acer-Microsoft "blogger kryptonite" free laptops credibility torpedo.

Even our own Richard MacManus of Read/Write Web fame has got himself listed as being People Ready. He says:

The day I started my blog Read/WriteWeb was when I became People Ready.

Really? So it wasn't when Battelle and Microsoft asked you to write that?

What the hell does "people ready" mean anyway? Sounds like one of those creepy Orwellian sayings, doesn't it?

Microsoft sees a better way to unlock the potential of every person.

Ooooohhh... no, no, stay away from my potential Microsoft! You're not going to embrace and extend that too, and I'm not buying any lawsuit indemnity contracts for my IP either.

"People ready" does look familiar though... and I remember where I saw it first, namely on The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. FSJ casually drops it into the text, like this:

Soon they'll trot him out to make some speech about whatever new slogan IBM is cooking up for the year ahead. "People Ready"? Nope, taken. "On Demand"? Er, tried that. "Open Your Source and Bend Over"? Nice.

That my friends is a true blogliminal. You don't really think about it, but it sticks to your brain like bubblegum to sneaker soles.

The above blogliminal was launched in January already, which points to FSJ being used as a very oblique and discreet test-bed by Microsoft marketing. Obviously, "People Ready" slipped in like a Vaselined gerbil, so it was time to disseminate it wider, with the help of the usual A-List bloggers.

If you read FSJ, and filter out the funnies, you'll see that the topics are pretty much what Microsoft's pushing at any given time. Stuff that desperately needs marketing support like Vista, Zune, Windows, iPhone and Bono. It doesn't take a genius to work out what's going on here, and FSJ is a blogger so... nuff sed eh?

Wonder what the next FSJ-trialled slogan or word to infest the MicrosoftBlogoSphere (tm) will be? "Zunetard" perhaps?

The day I learnt to love poo-brown DRM was when I became a Zunetard.

That's pretty good actually.

No, John, you can't nick that. It's my idea.

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