Yahoo! deletes email accounts as an 'incentive'

, posted: 22-Jun-2007 11:17

I'm one of the moderators of the Journalism New Zealand list/group on Yahoo! (JourNZ). For that reason I have an active Yahoo! account that I access most days in order to do the moderation thang. Yes, I'm totally aware of the utter wrongness of having a journalists' group on Yahoo!, which is infamous for shopping Chinese bloggers and dissidents to the authorities in China. Yahoo! is also fond of intrusive user tracking, like "web beacons", and the interface for the groups quite frankly sucks for both moderators and users. However, it's not my decision where the group is located, so I just put up with all the crap.

However, I'm seriously thinking that this latest jape by Yahoo! isn't the last straw... I logged on today, to do some group moderation, and saw I had two emails waiting in my account. I clicked on the mail link, and got this:
Yahoo! Deletes mail
What the...? Not only has Yahoo! deactivated my account, but it has irretrievably deleted all messages in it. While I never used the Yahoo! email much - and I think the above shows a good reason why nobody should use it - I didn't expect messages and everything to be deleted just like that, especially since I use other Yahoo! services.

And look at that offer you can't refuse: buy a Yahoo! Mail Plus account and we won't delete your email. Only US$19.99 a year!

I'm fully aware of caveat emptor when it comes to free services, and I'll never entrust my important email to some third party freemail service like Yahoo! Nevertheless, the above kind of marketing only confirms my negative impression of Yahoo! and there's absolutely no way I'd stump up twenty bucks a year to a provider that deletes messages as part of a marketing drive.

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