One reason Vodafone shouldn't be your next ISP

, posted: 19-Jun-2007 09:30

Spotted this on GigaOm earlier - it's Vodafone UK's Mobile Internet charging.

Straight exchange....

£7.50 = NZ$19.70 a month for 120MB
£1.00 = NZ$2.65 a day if you go over 120MB
£2.00 = NZ$5.30 per megabyte if you use VoIP in any form
£0.05 = NZ$0.13 minimum charge for using VoIP in any form

I know that mobile telcos are browning their kecks at the thought of becoming mere "dumb carriers" of people's data, but this is a spectacularly poor deal for Britons no matter how you look at it.

Designed for those that want to browse, without worrying about the cost, our web browsing pack lets you pay for your Mobile Internet usage on a monthly subscription – just like you do with your PC at home.

For just £7.50 a month you get a massive 120MB – which will let you browse pretty much to your heart’s content.

Do more on the Mobile Internet for less when you subscribe to a monthly web browsing pack.

Pay just £7.50 a month for 120MB of web browsing.

Sign up for a web browsing pack now and get the first month free.

To subscribe to a web browsing pack costs just £7.50 a month – with the first month free.

It’s unlikely you’ll use your 120MB web browsing allowance in a month. If you do reach the limit, you’ll be charged at our £1 daily rate until the end of the month.

Additional costs

You can’t use your monthly web browsing allowance for Voice over IP services such as Skype and Peer to Peer services, including ICQ, Windows Messenger, Yahoo messenger, Hotext and Tex2.

These services are charged separately at £2 per MB with a minimum charge of 5p for each session.

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