Local loop unbundling well over a year away on Telecom's schedule

, posted: 14-Jun-2007 23:39

Telecom New ZealandStill trying to find the actual source, but I hear that Telecom has filed its standard terms for local loop unbundling proposal with the Commerce Commission, and... it looks like it's slow progress ahead. After the final Commerce Commission determination, Telecom will implement LLU in forty major exchanges within fourteen (14) months.

There's going to be a "soft launch" of LLU first though, for three months, in five exchanges that are yet to be determined. Providers can install gear into the exchanges two months after the final determination.

All in all, it sounds like delay and stall for as long as possible, and do LLU entirely on Telecom's terms. I'm guessing Telecom's trying to push LLU two years or so into the future, to keep its profits up at today's levels for as long as possible, and to offer obsolete DSL access to providers while it moves onto fibre. Pretty hopeless really, but given the ineffective or really, non-existent regulation here, it doesn't come as a surprise.

More towards the end of June, when I hope the Commerce Commission will publish more details.

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