Why is Windows Mobile Device support in Vista so poor?

, posted: 10-Jun-2007 18:11

Mauricio has blogged a-plenty on Windows Mobile devices coming a cropper with Vista, but I feel compelled to join my voice to that choir.

I expected a far more seamless experience with Vista. The Windows Mobile Device Centre however, which was released as a beta after Vista hit the ground, is... annoying. Syncing is hit and miss over USB, my primary form of connection.

Is there a good reason Vista has to search for device drivers each time I plug in my HTC Apache and Treo 750V? Surely there should be some smarts to recognise frequently-connected devices and get them talking to the host system faster?

There's some progress though: the issue of disappearing appointments in Vista while they're there in XP seems to have been resolved with the 6.1 WMDC upgrade, thank goodness. The upgrade has also sorted out the problem with not being able to sync IMAP and Exchange mail in Vista, although it works in XP SP2.

However, I'm getting a lot of duplicate contacts in my address book that require manual weeding out when syncing with Vista. While I appreciate a conservative approach to deleting data, a pop-up dialogue spotting duplicates would be the thing.

Also, Microsoft needs to learn that people have multiple devices. That's right, many gadgets that they want to plug in at the same time. WMDC can't handle both my phones being plugged into the host computer over USB. Why not?

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