Pandora Internet Radio tunes out rest of the world

, posted: 10-May-2007 11:06

Simon in Welliewood told me that he can't access Pandora anymore, so I tried it too and... sure enough, Pandora has gone US only. The rest of the world can no longer listen to music on Pandora:

Well, that sucks. Read FAQ number 79, it seems to be yet another Digital Millennium Copyright Act "feature" that's behind Pandora removing access to international listeners. According to the Pandora blog, the DMCA provides the license on all music on the Internet radio station - I'm sure that's not the right way to formulate it, but it's accurate in the sense that the DMCA now decides what you and I can see and hear, as well as where and when.

Of course, the DMCA is easily circumvented with technology but doing so could be dangerous from a legal perspective, as no doubt the music studio land-sharks are looking to earn hefty fees by making an example out of someone.

A chilling effect, as the Americans would say. What if books, newspapers and magazines were subject to this kind of extreme regionalisation?

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