Start protests now! Auckland pollies at risk of actually doing something

, posted: 5-May-2007 10:30

Auckland's mayor, The Cupboard, is finding traction for his hare-brained idea to build a new harbour crossing, something that could set a dangerous precedent for the entire region. The city is world-famous in the whole of New Zealand for its Extreme Go Slow policies - clearing up the Spaghetti Junction motorway section took fifty years to get started, and for not doing anything all after public outcry, such as the wise decision to not build a new stadium for the Rugby World Cup.
Harbour Bridge (c) Juha Saarinen
Now however Northshoreites are becoming concerned that the "Nippon Clip-Ons" on the Harbour Bridge might come off at some point, and therefore a new crossing has to be built. What rubbish. These doom-mongers are seeking to spend public money on something completely unnecessary as usual.

In a decade or less, who will drive over the bridge? Nobody, that's who. Petrol and diesel prices will be too high, so we'll have to kayak or swim instead, since the anti-public transport strategy as implemented by the various Auckland councils through an effective policy of non-cooperation and stalling has worked so well.

Another crossing is literally throwing money into the harbour. In fact, a Harbour Bridge with fewer lanes will not only be cheaper to maintain as it's smaller, but it will also reduce congestion as the reduced capacity will discourage people to drive across it.

Furthermore, once the clip-ons fall off into the water, they can be turned into artificial reefs for diving and fish-watching tourist adventures, not to mention the event itself which could be televised around the world and earn advertising money.

I urge you to start protesting now. Don't wait until it's too late. The interminable roadworks at the Esmonde Road on and off-ramps on the North Shore show that politicians are dangerously capable of action. I am proposing a public rally atop Mt Victoria in Devonport next month, where protesters can gaze across the harbour and cry into their gin at the thought of the visual pollution a second crossing would inevitably bring, and which would stunt our children and grand-children's future.

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