'I know, let's call it...'

, posted: 30-Apr-2007 12:13


'... FLEPia.'

So, you're Fujitsu, a stonking huge company in Japan, and you come up with a cool concept - electronic paper, or an electronic reader really.

And you call it FLEPia. "I schlepia my FLEPia." Sounds like it might be tricky to advertise in a sensible fashion.

Otherwise, the FLEPia is just 12mm thick, and comes in either A5 or A4 sizes. It weighs a svelte 320 or 480 gram and the touch-sensitive screen has 4,096 colours and 768 by 1,024 pixel resolution, but unless you run it in 8-colour mode, it apparently takes ten seconds to refresh. A 4GB SD card holds a whole years' worth of newspapers apparently, or two years' worth of cartoons (!).

Oh, and it's priced at over US$13,000 for ten units, or US$1,300 each for the A5 unit. Fujitsu may want to get back to the drawing board with the FLEPia, and hire someone to come up with a better name while they're at it. Otherwise it might end up as a FLOPia.

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