ANZAC Day in Devonport

, posted: 25-Apr-2007 13:19

ANZAC Day in Devonport was sunny and warm, with a surprisingly large turnout. I biked down to the village and found heaps of people already gathered by the war memorial bronze statue (the "Untidy Soldier" by Frank Lynch).

Being me, I didn't bring the camera, which is a real shame. Since Devonport is home to the Royal New Zealand Navy, the sailors were out in force. Other services were represented too however, and the schools joined in as well.

The veterans looked great in the parade up Victoria Street, led on by the RNZN marching band. I don't think there are any "Diggers" left these days, from The Great War, but the programme mentioned WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

This is all pretty recent history, and it's good to have days like today to remember it, no matter what you think of the wars themselves. It's all too easy to forget that real people were involved.

Update As sbiddle says, some protesters tried to interrupt the service. Two were arrested in Wellington this morning.

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