Helen Clark - Steve Ballmer caption contest winner declared

, posted: 24-Apr-2007 21:36

My apologies: the caption contest featuring Helens Clark and Robinson, and Microsoft's Chris Liddell and Steve Ballmer should've been closed sooner. Life, work and holidays intervened however, but now I've decided who the lucky lucky dwarf winner of the fabulous Microsoft Presenter 3000, as pictured here:
Presenter 3000
is. You can read a short review of the device here if you're curious about it. Now, I feel that this entry:

Ballmer: "Prime Ministers, Prime Ministers, Prime Ministers, Prime Ministers, Prime Ministers, Prime Ministers, Prime Ministers, Prime Ministers, Prime Ministers!!!!!"
Ballmer: "WHO SAID SIT DOWN?!?!!!"

... captures it all the best. Monkey Boy Meets HC, and I can actually imagine him going off like that, chair-throwing included.

In brief, that means Mr Sycophant is the winner. I understand he recently married as well, and the Presenter 3000 should make for a great wedding present (no jokes about the vibrating mode, please). If Mr Sycophant could contact me via email with a courier address, I'd appreciate it.

Yes, decision final, no discussion entered into, etc.

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