Microsoft Presenter 3000 and Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000

, posted: 24-Apr-2007 20:47

We are a WIMPy lot, us men, and mice are therefore important tools. Computer ones, that is. I've been playing with two Microsoft pointing accessories, the Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 and the Presenter 3000 a bit lately, mainly out of curiosity.

Notebook mouse top

Although the mouse carries a big unwieldy name, it's a tiny little thing. The picture above doesn't show the scale, but it's about half the size of a normal mouse, and to be honest, took a while to get used to with my big hands. It feels good to use though, like most Microsoft hardware. The choice of materials is spot on and there's no flimsiness or creaks in the Presenter mouse.

The top-view shows the amount of features MS crammed in: there's a finger-wheel with sideways tilt action, the usual two left and right mouse buttons, and two smaller side-buttons plus a little one to switch into presentation mode. What's the thing at the back though? Well, that's the release button for the battery compartment, which fits two slim AAA cells.

This is a wireless mouse that uses Bluetooth - Microsoft USB dongle provided - which should ensure compatibility with anything that understands that wireless protocol. Windows variants and Macs should all work.

Installing the mouse on XP and Vista was undramatic. I just plugged in the USB dongle, which was recognised and off it went. Installing the IntelliPoint software provided access to all features of the mouse though, so don't forget to do that if you buy one of these things.

If you're a Powerpoint jockey, the real treat comes when you flip over the Presenter mouse: you get more buttons to play with. There are forward and back for slides, start presentation and volume up and down buttons, plus the COOL one... the laser pointer. Yes, the Presenter mouse has a red laser built in as well for those presentation moments, and the bottom buttons work with most media players.

Notebook Presenter Mouse bottom

I haven't put it through extended use so can't tell what the battery life is, but it's held up to three weeks of general usage so far. Overall, the Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 seems like a cool executive all-in add-on that's worth the US$100/NZ$159 RRP.

Likewise, the Bluetooth Presenter 3000 could be a useful addition to the executive gadgetry armoury. It's quite different to the Notebook Presenter Mouse, but offers similar features like the laser pointer plus a directional pad to control the mouse cursor.

MS Presenter 3000

The Presenter 3000 is shaped like a... short stick I suppose. It feels good to use, and apart from the mousing stuff, you get two forwards/backwards buttons and the laser pointer toggle. Cool stuff in the Presenter 3000 includes a timer plus a vibrator (yeah, yeah) to remind you when you've bored your audience long enough. And, it runs on two small AAA batteries as well. In NZ, the Presenter 3000 goes for $99RRP, which is probably around US$50 or so.

One miss was the lack of power in the lasers of both devices though. I can tell you it's not enough to wake snoring members of the audience or to zap flies. If Microsoft bumps up the power for the lasers, both the Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000 and Presenter 3000 would be on top of any geek's wish-list.

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