Telecom's $19 broadband deal (no, it's not April 1 anymore)

, posted: 3-Apr-2006 07:49

Amazing what a bit of competition can do. Across the ditch, Telecom in AAPT drag is selling business broadband plans starting at A$19 a month for 500MB data, or A$29 for unlimited traffic.

It's not exactly exciting broadband, at 256/64k, but at that price it's cheaper than most dial-up offerings.

No such deals for New Zealand customers however, simply because... Telecom has no competition here.

Also, while you're on the AAPT website, take a look at what else is available for business customers. SHDSL plans, fibre, premium ADSL with SLAs, cheap mobile 3G data plans... gives you an idea of what Telecom here could do, if they had that competition incentive.

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