Papakura rape never happened

, posted: 15-Apr-2007 14:18

This is indeed very tragic - the Papakura woman who said an armed intruder had raped her in her house made up the story. She's being referred to "health professionals" and will probably end up in court for this.

Maybe there is some sort of underlying issue that caused her to do this, but it's hard to have much sympathy for her. For starters, the case got wide-spread publicity and her neighbours were in terror that a rapist with a gun pretending to be a police officer was at large.

Second, this is another kick in the balls for the reputation of men in general and Maori in particular. The woman described the her attacker to the police like this:
The offender is described as a Maori or Polynesian male aged in his early to mid-thirties. He is approximately 185cm tall, of athletic build and with short, dark hair and was wearing a dark grey or black suit, white collared shirt, grey/blue tie and black dress shoes.
Mr Grimstone said it was unusual to find an offender wearing a suit.

Nobody seemed surprised at the description...

Third, the police put in days of work on this case. How many other crimes and cases went on to the back-burner because of the Papakura one?

Most importantly however, bogus rape accusations may lead to future ones not being taken seriously. For that alone, there should be legal repercussions for the woman.

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