Abduction of British sailors Iranian revenge against the US

, posted: 11-Apr-2007 07:10

If the Independent is to be believed, the Iranians snatched the 15 British sailors to retaliate against the US trying to abduct two of its officials visiting Arbil in Iraqi Kurdistan early January this year. The Americans were after generals Jafari and Frouzanda, who were on an official visit to the Kurdish areas and met with the Iraqi president Talabani and Kurdish leader Barzani.

Instead of snagging the two generals however, the Americans only got five lower-ranking Iranians from the liaison office in Arbil, northern Iraq. Nevertheless, Iran was extremely angry about this, and hit back against the vulnerable Royal Navy boarding parties in the Gulf the Independent writes.

It appears the Iranians were visiting Iraqi Kurdistan openly so you have to wonder what the US was hoping to achieve by abducting them like this. Although the US says the Iranians are supporting insurgents in Iraq, but how does that work? Reports point to the insurgents being Sunni Arabs and there's no love lost between them and the Shi'a Iranians.

The Independent mentions that the US is now backing Iranian Kurds against the Tehran government, and more importantly, supporting the three-million strong Sunni Arab minority in Khuzestan, where most of Iran's oil is located.

Is the US trying to accomplish what Saddam didn't in the Iraqi-Iranian war? This could get really, horribly messy...

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