Vuze challenges Joost

, posted: 10-Apr-2007 21:21

Joost was first out of the blocks, but now the people behind popular P2P application Azureus have launched Vuze . (The name means... views. Geddit?) In other words, P2PTV competition is heating up.

Vuze is making a point out of High Definition video content, and has scored a coup with BBC coming onboard. The British broadcaster is launching its six-part postmen drama (it's better than it sounds, trust me) in the US over Vuze in fact.

I haven't tried Vuze yet, but will post more on it later. What does spoil it for me though is that the content is... regionalised. That is, not all content is available everywhere.

Frankly, that's like the idiotic DVD zoning system, and it sucks.

Meanwhile, I'm quite impressed by Joost's latest beta incarnation, 0.9. The programming is getting better, with Fifth Gear and sports, although I'd like more BBC style material. Joost also has plenty of big brand ads now, which should send shivers down the spines of broadcast TV folks. I'm liking the interface more and more too, but wish the player would do a better job of scaling video. Some clips look very blocky on my Dell 24"19 by 12 sceen.

It's not quite ready for prime time though: Joost works great on my 2Mbit/s downstream Wired Country line, but every now and then, the programs just stop. That's it: no more P2PTV. You can't restart them either, although sometimes you can jump to the next episode.

And, while Joost is supposed to run on Vista, I haven't yet managed to make it do so. Does anyone know the secret here? I've tried the usual install/run as Administrator to no avail - there's no info in Event Log, nor any error messages; Joost doesn't start up.

Update Look at that... Vuze charges for some titles, either for the download (the ones I've seen are priced at US$2) or to rent (half the price). Interesting, but I think an ad-based model will win the day.

Update II ... and of course, the above means DRM. It's the Windows-only variety too, requiring WMP10 or higher, IE6 or better and XP SP2 at least.

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