Is that all Tom's Hardware's worth after 10 years?

, posted: 9-Apr-2007 17:12

Reading on The Inquirer that Tom's Hardware appears to have been sold to, well, we don't know whom yet. Rafat Ali at PaidContent thinks it's French B2B media organisation BestofMedia Group. Umm... whodat?

Either way, The Inq reckons there's only between US$15 to $20 million in the deal. If that's right, well, that's not a lot. Tom's is a household name by now, and has gazillions of online eyeballs to prove it. And, it's been going for over a decade now.

If that's all there on the table, frankly, it's discouraging news. I'd have said Tom's was worth around ten times that, given its influence in the Geek Monde.

Having said all that, I have to confess I can't stand Tom's Hardware. Don't get me wrong: they do the hard yards and chew through the gear with an impressive amount of resources and effort. It is a good reference. For that they deserve an applause.

But, it's tricky to find geeks who are good writers as well and Tom's never seem to have made editorial a priority. The articles are dour and humourless, often ranty and never really a pleasure to read. It is as if the writing takes a distant second place to the technical prowess - not that it needs be like that.

Maybe that's reflected in the purchase price though?

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