Snail Mail

, posted: 7-Apr-2007 10:00

My relations with NZ Post are a little uneasy. For a while, the postie in our neighbourhood tried perhaps to set a new record distributing the mail, by simply chucking it in the general direction of the letterbox. As a result, mail went missing so I got a PO Box that I direct the important stuff to. Costs a fortune though, at $135 a year for a tiny little box.

Anyway, there's another reason I use a PO Box, namely this:

That's what remains of an envelope, as devoured in a few hours by the swarms of aggressive letter-munching snails and slugs that haunt our garden. They hide somewhere in the vegetation I think, because there are never any in the letter box itself, only shreds of important mail.

And that's the most annoying thing really: the snails don't go for junk mail and refuse to chew on the weeds as well. Useless things.

I'm well pleased when the thrushes fly in, expert snail hunters as they are, to catch the little letter-munching buggers and massacre them by smashing the shells to pieces on the footpath to the house. Crunch!

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