Where is Telecom's corporate blog then?

, posted: 3-Apr-2007 18:27

TelecomI'm a bit disappointed in Telecom actually - and Vodafone. Unlike Telstra, the NZ telcos are quite content not to utilise the Internet to reach their customers more directly than using bog-standard first generation websites.

Now, Vodafone isn't allowed do anything much until the UK mothership says so, but Telecom could. What's to stop them from setting up something similar to Now We Are Talking by Telstra? It's actually a good site in many ways, as long as you approach it with corporate bullshit filters turned up to full.

The point being, even if you're not a fan of how Telstra does things, the format of the site with blogs and more give you a decent insight into how the telco giant sees things - from chief PR troll Rod Bruem's bitter put-downs of politicians opposing Telstra and those nasty Singaporeans running Optus to Dr Hugh Barlow, CTO, who quite often forgets the corporate spin and talks about techie stuff he enjoys, and others.

And, you can comment on Now We Are Talking. I'm sure some of the worst "GAAHH! I HATE YOU" comments never make it through moderation, but by necessity, Telstra has to let some critical ones through. That's not a bad thing, either.

You'd think some of the allegedly Internet-oriented parts of Telecom like Ferrit would do this, but no.

However, it looks like Miki Szikszai, who worked with the T3G stuff and is probably still the head of emerging technologies at Telecom, got tired of the status quo and set up a blog of his own. It's good stuff too - I think Miki could perhaps relax a little and speak out more, but nevertheless, he writes some revealing things about how top Telecommies think.

Like this post, on being there: here, Miki discovers that personal contact has "better cut-through than any of our [Telecom's] ads". This at a mere $7 a head as well, Miki calculates. Mmm, yes.

Why does Miki have to do this at Blogspot though, and not at a Telecom site?

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