CAT scanners or the Sex Pistols - guess what those useless fools EMI chose?

, posted: 3-Apr-2007 15:35

In the wake of today's faking, money making, cheap appeal announcement with The iJobs... I gob in EMI's general direction. Filthy lucre is their game. The stupid fools supported RIANZ's submission to the select committee on the copyright bill that'll screw over New Zealanders royally:
It puts EMI Music New Zealand in an ironic position of course, given that the company was party last week to RIANZ's select committee testament to the holy status of DRM.
The only iron-y stuff they'd care about is the red-hot variant shoved up their corporate rectums. Update The EU confirmed today that Apple and EMI are being investigated for flouting antitrust regulations through iTunes music sales. Warner and Universal are also being looked at. The reason: you can't download iTunes tracks from other countries' music stories where they're cheaper than the one for your country. I'd like to see a similar investigation for New Zealand actually. If we're not allowed to buy iTunes music in the cheapest store, Apple and its music company pals need a good slap across the chops.

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