Auckland Festival of Photography now accepting entries

, posted: 1-Apr-2007 19:52

Canon 400D Greg Ward emailed me about the Auckland Festival of Photography and the competition running until end of April - you can submit any photo that reflects the spirit of Auckland, be it portraits, landscapes, abstract pictures or photo journalism.

If your picture wins, it will be displayed on a "giant" billboard on Fanshawe Street during June, when the Auckland Festival of Photography is held.

To enter, you need to submit a picture taken with a camera that has six megapixels or better image resolution like what the pictured and drool-worthy Canon EOS 400D is capable of. And no, it doesn't have to be a digital camera either - film scans are good too, but they must be high resolution. The Auckland-themed picture can be a recent one, or an old favourite from photographers' archives. You must, however, be the copyright owner of the image (naturally) to submit it. Terms and conditions for the submission are here.

If your picture gets into the top ten, as judged by the AFoP and Sky City, which is sponsoring the April billboard competition, it will go on display in the Blend Foyer at, yes, Sky City. Between May 7 and 20, the public can the vote on their favourites, and the winning picture will be plastered on the billboard in June.

One thing the AFoP people could've done better is the submission process - if you ask for six megapixel or better images, you should be prepared to receive them. It's not entirely clear that AFoP can do that, as this is what they they say about the April billboard competition:
You must have a 300dpi image available (that can be enlarged to fill a large portrait aspect ratio billboard). Digital cameras should be 6 megapixels and film prints should be scanned and available at this large size - IF SELECTED FOR THE PEOPLES CHOICE SELECTION. All entries will be converted to 72 dpi for the website display. So you should submit smaller files for this but have larger files available if required.

The ToCs ask you to keep to 72dpi and max one megabyte file sizes, but I'll ask Greg if that's a strict requirement. Shouldn't be in this day and age, and I'm a little concerned about the conversion to lower resolution losing detail, but... let's see what they say.

Either way, check it out if you're interested in photography. More details and submission page on the Auckland Photo Blog.

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