Wired Country on the blink a lot lately

, posted: 1-Apr-2006 11:27

When I first got the 3.5GHz Wired Country service, I was amazed. It is wireless after all, so I didn't expect it to perform as well as it did. The nominal linkspeed of 2M up and down translated into an actual IP performance of around 1.7M down, 1.4 up. (The service uses different modulations for the down and upstream channels, meaning it isn't symmetric.)

That speed, coupled with low latency in the 10-20ms RTT range nationally, meant the service is hugely useful for me as I work from home. I can run Voice over IP on WC without the huge amount of jitter that Telecom builds into its DSL, as well as remote access and other services. Overall, the service is great value.

Shortly after I wrote about Wired Country for the Herald and PC World, the reseller ISPs packed on masses of customers - after all, it was offered at a far better price than Telecom's ADSL, with some providers having flat-rate deals as well. More importantly perhaps, it was the only good alternative to Telecom DSL.

Howver, the network wasn't designed to be loaded up with lots of P2P "leeches who swamped the shared upstream radio channel in some transmission sectors to the point that nothing came through downstream. I had outages galore during that time.

It took WC many months to sort that out but once they did, the service was again exceedingly stable and reliable, and once I swapped to Inspire Net as the ISP, performance was great.

This week however, I'm disappointed to note that WC has again started suffering outages. Some are short, lasting five-ten minutes, but now I'm getting hour-long outages. The grapevine tells me that the problems are caused by the WC base station/access point in the Sky Tower failing, and either being repared or replaced.

Doesn't look like WC or their new owners Compass Communications has informed the reseller ISPs though, and customers haven't been told either.


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