Money-savvy Ontario teachers

, posted: 26-Mar-2007 12:06

This part in the media release about Telecom selling the Yellow Pages Group stood out I thought:
Teachers' Private Capital is the private investment arm of the US$85 billion Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, an independent corporation responsible for investing the fund and administering the pensions of Ontario’s 264,000 active and retired teachers...

That's around US$322,000 per teacher, or NZ$455,000.

Googling shows that the New Zealand Gross Domestic Product was around US$110 billion 2005, making the per-capita GDP around US$27,500 pa.

The figures above are probably somewhat misleading as statistics can be, but still food for thought.

Update To quench further flaming for comparing NZ's GDP with the value of the OTPP, here are some figures from the NZ Super Fund to look at:

Investment Performance 2006 vs 2005
  Year ended 30 June 2006 ($m)   Year ended 30 June 2005 ($m)
Surplus pre-tax 459.1 359.8
Income tax 3.3 115.8
Surplus after tax 462.4 244.0
Percentage* 13.5% 7.4%

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