Caption contest: Helen Clark meets Steve Ballmer

, posted: 26-Mar-2007 09:02

Helen Clark in Redmond 
I wonder what the PM's looking at on the tablet PC? Not Ian Wishart's site or Kiwiblog I hope.

According to the press release I got, it was a warm and cosy moment in Redmond, like this...

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark (seated, left) testing the latest productivity solutions during a visit to Microsoft corporate headquarters on Friday. With her are (seated, right) Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and (standing, left) Helen Robinson, general manager, Microsoft New Zealand, and (standing, center) Chris Liddell, Microsoft senior vice president and CFO.

During the visit, the group exchanged a broad range of ideas around technology solutions designed to create opportunities for New Zealand’s continued economic development and growth plans.

Damn it, if I had known, I'd have given the PM some questions on Vista DRM to bother Bullhorn Ballmer with.

OK, everyone: what are they really saying to each other? Wittiest entry wins a Bluetooth Microsoft Presenter 3000 laser pointer for those dazzling PowerPoint moments. It's not in the original packaging, sorry: opened it up to see if it was working and it's one of those plastic packs that hates me so errm, it got destroyed. Look for my short review of it that'll I post soon on the blog.

New Zealand entrants only, judge's (me) decision is final without any discussion being entered into.

Update This wouldn't be Geekzone if I didn't spy on the EXIF information... the picture has been Photoshopped (version 7.0) - why? I thought Microsoft had its Photoshop killer out already?

The original was taken on March 24, at 8.33 in the morning. Uck. The snapper used a Canon EOS-1D Mark II, with the picture being taken at 1/100s, lens at f/5 and the ISO speed at 400; focal length 30mm and pattern metering mode used. Manual program mode and automatic white balance selected. :)

Update I'm going to leave the competition going until early next week, and then decide. Also, I'd appreciate it if the caption suggestions focus on humour and wit, and not unpleasant personal remarks. I'm going to weed out some of those now, actually - instant disqualification, in other words.

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