Farewell then, InfoWorld

, posted: 25-Mar-2007 14:22

InfoworldMissed this item from ValleyWag that appeared on Friday, and which says that InfoWorld will be dumped and turned into a web only news site. There's no official confirmation from InfoWorld's owners IDG yet, and ValleyWag is quoting a subscribe-only source so it's hard to say if it's true or not (and besides, you can still buy paper subscriptions on the IW site).

I wouldn't be surprised if it happens though, and InfoWorld goes web-only. Apart from the simple fact that that's where the audience is now, and it's of course much cheaper to produce a web edition than a print one, it's just too hard to keep up with tech news any other way than online now.

It's nigh impossible to avoid being scooped while you put together a weekly paper and also to avoid some of the items in it being stale when the publication hits the readers. This isn't necessarily a good development as ever-decreasing deadlines are detrimental to quality. You just can't produce the same good analysis in a couple of hours that you had maybe a week or so for before.

Reading long and detailed articles and features on a monitor isn't the same as doing so in print either.

Be interesting to see if ValleyWag's right or not. Having written for InfoWorld in the past, it's a bit sad to see that it might disappear after nearly thirty years of operation. They should never have let Bob Metcalfe go...

Rex Hammock thinks it could still be just a rumour, but ex-InfoWorlder Matt McAlister reacts positively and says it's a smart move. Probably is, too.

Update It's no rumour. Rafat Ali at PaidContent says the announcement will come out on Monday US time. Staff had no idea and read about it on the web. Nice.

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