It's just not cricket anymore

, posted: 25-Mar-2007 13:48

Cricket ballHere's a game I'd want if I had an Xbox 360: Yuvraj Singh International Cricket 2007, which I think is currently being released this month. Not that I'll ever see an Xbox 360 but still... a HDTV cricket game that lets you play in the ICC Champions Trophy 2006 and the World Cup 2007 with the different national teams sounds great.

The screenshots look impressive too, like in this sample one:
Yuvraj Singh IC2007
More higher-resolution screen shots on the site linked above.

The game has great graphics, AI and scores of features that should make it a certain buy but... it seems CodeMasters forgot to add some "features" of modern cricket necessary to make the game even more realistic, such as:

* Ball tampering
* Match fixing
* Having your coach murdered if you lose a game
* Riots and demonstrations if your team lose

Options for players to behave a like a drunken wally off-pitch and to engage in sledging also seem to be lacking in the game, and where's Shane Warne with his SMS messages?

Maybe someone could develop an add-on to Yuvray Singh International Cricket 2007 fix all the above omissions? Better yet, make a Real Cricket Game... I reckon the Rockstar Games devs would be the best for that.

Grand Theft International Cricket doesn't sound quite right as working title, but it's not far off the truth as to what's happening with the game currently. It's one thing to be passionate about one of the world's largest sports, but when did insanity like burning effigies of players and murdering coaches became part of it?

Next there will be war between India and Pakistan I reckon, sparked by one side losing an international game against the other. I'm not joking either.

Update Mukul Kesavan has an excellent summary of what ails cricket in Indian and Pakistan, on BBC.

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