Rockstar Supernova Lukas Rossi hits Auckland strip joints

, posted: 25-Mar-2007 10:11

Intrepid paparazzo Dylan Reeve hit pay dirt early this morning while out on a stag/hen night when he snapped Lukas Rossi of Rockstar Supernova fame outside Showgirls and Penthouse, two Auckland establishments of some repute:
Lukas RossiLukas again
Checking out the fishing and sheep farming in clean and green New Zealand, are we Lukas?

More colourful pictures in glorious large sizes of Rossi having a cigarette on the pavement here, on Flickr. If you're wondering who the hell Lukas (sometimes spelt Lucas) Rossi is, here's the usual Wikipedia rubbish on him. Canadian eh? Explains the eighties hairdo and make-up I suppose.

Where was Tommy Lee though? Inside, engaging in his toe-sucking fetish while the usual object of such podiatric affections was outside? Surely not!

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