The PR Troll Dialogues: Part II

, posted: 23-Mar-2007 13:41

Phone rings....Phone

PR Troll: "Hi, it's $NAME from $LARGECORP - just calling to see if you got the invitation I sent out as we had some problems with it and if you're going to come along?"

Me: "Oh, the one about the WackyName Company setting up here? Yeah, I got it and might go to it. What's it all about though?"

PR Troll: "It's a great opportunity for you to meet the CEO for WackyName, have a few drinks and have some fun afterwards."

Me: "Hmm, OK, but what exactly is it about? Isn't the guy Chinese anyway and doesn't speak much English? My Chinese isn't good enough for a conversation yet. Will there be any news, or review products or anything like that?"

PR Troll: "Well, no, not as such... it's just a launch really, you know, have a few drinks and meet people and go and play in the amusement park at ByoomFyook, MilesAway after."

Me: "Right... well, I'm not too busy, so could go to it I suppose. What are the transport arrangements?"

PR Troll: "Oh, transport arrangements - you have to make your own way there. They don't provide transport."

Me: "But it's really far away, out there in ByoomFyook and it's scheduled right in the afternoon rush hour too. It'd take me an hour and a half to get there, possibly more if the traffic's bad. I can't really justify taking the time off and the petrol to drive there, especially if there's nothing to show for it afterwards."

PR Troll: "That's OK, I understand that. Would you like the press release then?"

Me: "Sure, but what about some review products? WackyName makes some products that would fit in with what I'm looking at the moment, so if they're selling those things in NZ, it'd be good to review them."

PR Troll: "Yeah, that sounds good! I'll get the marketing manager to contact you about this as soon as possible!"

Still waiting to hear from either person and never got the press release.

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