One man and his horse - in an apartment (true!)

, posted: 22-Mar-2007 09:14

While the Boing-Boinged and massively blogged story from Galway First about a horse, a man in latex and a hotel room was a hoax, this one from Sweden involving unusual animal husbandry practices isn't. Here's a short translation for the benefit of the minority non-Swedish speaking audience of this blog....

67-year-old lived with pony in apartment
Inspector: the place smells worse than a pig sty

When a caretaker and a carpenter entered a flat from which an elderly man had been evicted for non-payment of rent, they were forced to beat a hasty retreat after being bowled over by a powerful smell of urine.

It turns out the evicted man had kept a pony in the small, 77 square metre floor space flat, together with three cats and three dogs. On top of that, the man's partner and his grown-up son lived in the flat in Östra Vemmerlöv, a town in the south of Sweden, as well as a four-year-old girl.

The flat was covered in straw, horse manure and a "real urine odour". Since the wooden parquet floors of the flat were ruined by the horse urine, the property owner had to have them all replaced. The pony had also had a go at champing at the wallpaper (see pictures at Aftonbladet), which too had to be replaced. All in all, owner Ove Ahlström says restoring the apartment to an inhabitable state will cost more than 150,000 SEK (US$21,500/NZ$30,500).

Ahlström is now seeking redress for the damage from the man, who has also been reported to the authorities for cruelty against animals. He says it wasn't until the 67YO man had been evicted that the it was discovered the man had been flat-sharing with a horse.

The story doesn't say whether or not the other tenants in the apartment block noticed the horse, but according to Ahlström, the pony was fed outside the apartment and housed in a horse-box on the street when it wasn't in the apartment. Furthermore, the flat is on the ground floor, so the neighbours wouldn't have been disturbed by it hoofing its way up the stairs, Ahlström says.

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