Ack, Vista removes XP F8 boot options

, posted: 17-Mar-2007 14:52

VistaNo news probably, but I just noticed as I was trying to restore XP on a dual-boot installation with Vista installed that while you can do the F8 options for the latter, they're no longer there for the former. Pain.

This is no doubt due to the new Vista Boot Loader/Manager and there's no doubt a way to coax it into providing safe mode start up for legacy Windows, but... why did it have to be removed in the first place?

Luckily, the box in question is joined to domain so I was able to get in that way through a normal boot-up, and then do a System Restore to a recent point. Phew.

Update OK, this is bizarre: after the box in question received some automatic updates and was restarted, I can now select XP, hit enter to boot, and F8 for start up options. Earlier on, that keystroke sequence was ignored (and yes, I checked that the F Lock was active :)). Can't see a mention in the KB of this, but perhaps there was a fix installed to sort out the issue?

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