Calling PowerPoint wizards: Slideshare competition with Guy Kawasaki judging

, posted: 18-Mar-2007 09:15

SlideshareJon Boutelle of Slideshare sent me the below release about a competion that should appeal to creative PowerPoint people out there. This may seem like an esoteric pastime but trust me, good PowerPoint presentations should be encouraged.

$DEITY knows I've sat through enough dire ones to last me several lifetimes... it's one of those unavoidable occupational hazards for, unfortunately.

The most recent one meant sitting through a presentation featuring badly-designed clip art, with text in English. This was read out and commented on by a Korean engineer. What he said was translated into English and this was then turned into Mandarin.

I was good. Sat there with my teeth itching, but didn't scream once or fall asleep.

SlideShare “The World’s Best Presentation Contest” Announced
Judges include Guy Kawasaki, Bert Decker, Garr Reynolds, and Jerry Weissman.

Mountain View, Calif – March 19, 2006 –, a site for sharing PowerPoint presentations, today announced The World’s Best Presentation Contest. The judges are a “who’s who” of presentation gurus including Guy Kawasaki, Bert Decker, Garr Reynolds, and Jerry Weisman.

“The point of this contest is to shine a spotlight on well-designed presentations and to highlight the creative and effective use of PowerPoint. If you’ve got a killer slide deck, this might be your chance to make it big!” said Rashmi Sinha, CEO of SlideShare.

“As the saying goes, a craftsman doesn’t blame his tools,” said Guy Kawasaki, managing director of Garage Technology Ventures. “We expect this contest to show exactly what PowerPoint ‘artists’ can be do with clear thinking, concise text, and cool graphics.”

Four luminaries from the world of presentation coaching and advice will be judging the contest:

· Guy Kawasaki is a managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm, and the author of eight books including The Art of the Start.

· Bert Decker is a major figure in communications. He has often been on NBC’s Today Show commenting on the Presidential debates, is founder of Decker Communications, Inc. and author of the best selling book You’ve Got To Be Believed To Be Heard.

· Garr Reynolds is the founder and director of Design Matters Japan and the author of the Presentation Zen website.

· Jerry Weissman is the world’s number one corporate presentations coach and the author of the international bestseller, Presenting to Win and In the Line of Fire. His private client list includes the top brass at Yahoo!, Intel, Intuit, Cisco Systems, and Microsoft.

The contest is sponsored by and Garage Technology Ventures. Microsoft has sponsored the prizes, including a laptop with Windows VistaTM, two Xbox 360TM gaming consoles, and three console games. SlideShare will also give iPods away as prizes for People’s Choice winners.

Contestants will upload their PowerPoint files to, and people from anywhere can rate the presentations. Their votes will determine the “People’s Choice” winner. The four judges will select the winners of the contest. Results will be announced on April 30th.

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