Hustle for Russell

, posted: 10-Mar-2007 15:31

Russell B 

Dear Juha


Just wanted to flick an email your way to let you know about a fundraising auction we are throwing for the well-deserving Russell Brown and his family.


Not only an auction of fantastic items, the night promises a great musical line-up, with the likes of The Clean, SJD and Chris Knox. Drinks will be sponsored by 42 below and others, and trays of delicious Japanese food will be provided by Blowfish Sushi.


We hope that you will show your support for Russell and his family by getting together a group of mates, buying some tickets and coming along for what promises to be a great night at Blowfish Sushi in Parnell on Monday, 19 March.


During recent years we’ve got to know Russell and his family very well, and the reason we are doing this is that now they are under even more stress than usual.

Last year Russell’s beloved Fiona went through four surgeries for breast cancer. She is now on a five-year drug treatment programme and really needs 2007 to be an easier year than the previous one.

In the meantime Russell and Fiona’s younger son Leo, who has Asperger Syndrome, had to be withdrawn from school. A symptom of the syndrome is an inability to cope with social interaction and the "human noise" of the classroom, and Russell and Fiona have made the decision to bring him home and try Correspondence School.

Leo needs a specialist tutor – however this comes at a cost – and we want you to come along, have a great night, and help raise the needed funds. By doing this we can help Fiona to make the best use of her recovery time and let Russell continue writing up a storm.

We also plan to use this occasion to promote public awareness of Asperger Syndrome and hope to help in the drive to lobby government to better serve kids like Leo who are “in” schools. Right now their needs are not being met. 

So basically, we are hustling for Russell and we hope you will help us raise some cash for him and his family. So get a group of friends together and come along to the event. Tickets are $75 each, all you need to do is email me ( to book and ensure you make it along to what promises to be an awesome night.

Many thanks,


Gina Williams



Asperger Syndrome


Asperger Syndrome is a mild form of autism first identified in 1944 but only officially recognised in diagnostic manuals in 1994. Sufferers will typically be of average or above average intelligence but may still suffer significant deficits in social interaction and struggle to cope with the human noise of school environments. This can trigger violent emotional meltdowns and they may be obsessively focused on particular fields of interest, or on detail.


It is a congenital neurological condition and there is no "cure" for it. But AS people can come to terms with their identity, moderate their own stress and fear, and live happy and productive lives, especially if it is identified early in life. A few of them really do change the world through their ability to think differently: there is decent evidence that both Newton and Einstein were somewhere on the autistic spectrum.

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